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Every morning and throughout each day I need to open my eyes and allow my mind to be malleable. If my eyes are closed and my mind inflexible, boarded up by my ego, things can get very dark very quickly. I need to maintain my daily connection with a higher power and actually listen to the answers, not stick two fingers up when I’m offered a solution/ an exit from my cave.

I love Emmet Fox’s analogy. Near the ocean are both fresh water pools – clean, clear, salt-smelling, wholesome; and stagnant pools – congealed, slimy, overgrown with weeds. Twice a day, living ocean water flows through the former, carrying away anything stale or lifeless, creating a circulation of life. In the absence of this cleansing exchange, the latter remain lifeless and putrid.

“Keep your soul flooded with tidal water” by daily visits with God.

Yesterday, whilst frustrated, self-pitying and closed-minded, I was walking home and noticed a banner for a photographic exhibition (of Victorian architecture, a profound love of mine). Wrapped up in self I was inclined to ignore it and even walked half way up the street, but something stopped me in my tracks and I u-turned. As a result, a slice of something beautiful interjected my day, I conversed with a lovely couple also attending the exhibition, and I bumped into two fellow AAs! That for me is just one microscopic example of how opening my eyes and following direction can yield results far superior to anything I could have orchestrated myself.