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“Reflection accelerates learning because it gives us a chance to evaluate how we’re doing and course correct” when we steer off course ~ M.J. Ryan

A simple Step Ten review involves me asking “What worked?” and “How could I do it better next time?”. This leads my mind to reinforce success – see what should be repeated and what could be improved, without slipping into shame and guilt.

Other questions include:

Where has my thought life been today?
This is my weak spot. I am susceptible to entertaining negative false beliefs, predominantly about myself eg. I am not good enough. I can allow fear to dominate me. I can indulge in mental argument and retaliation. Corrective measures: Gratitude list. Reversing my negative beliefs into positive ones. Pray for those I resent.

What am I going to focus my attention on tomorrow?
I have a tendency to wander aimlessly through my days enjoying this so called freedom, but in actual fact I function much better when I have a structured day. Corrective measure: Have some kind of plan/ to-do list. This tends to focus my thoughts productively/ creatively and prevents my overactive self-indulgent often self-destructive thinking.

Is there anything in my relationships with other people today about which I feel guilty?
The two choices I have here to get “undisturbed” are to forgive or to make amends.