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Underneath the rainbow of emotions and feelings a human being can have there are essentially only two core feelings – love and fear. Out of these spring all kinds of seemingly diverse shades and textures of emotion, but dissected these reveal only love and fear.

Emmet Fox uses the analogy of allotropes. Black lead and diamond look different in appearance but are chemically identical; both are allotropic forms of carbon. Similarly, anger, hatred, jealousy and criticism are all allotropic forms of fear.

Conversely, joy, gratitude, serenity, appreciation of art and music, hope, laughter and inspiration are all allotropic forms of love.

Love is always creative, fear is always destructive. Love is light, fear is darkness. Love is freedom, fear is bondage. Love is God, fear is ego. Everything that is not ego is God. Therefore minimise, deflate, strangle the ego and what remains is God.

My ego is frighteningly powerful and despite daily attempts to reduce it I experience its frequent resurgence. It is essential I remain vigilant and continue to pray every morning to be guided by love, to watch for negative emotions, see the fear underneath, and pray for the courage to believe / behave/ embody the opposite.

love vs. fear