This post is a direct quote from Shaun which I found to be truly inspiring:

Why do you need to love yourself?

Fully and truly loving yourself will never lead to anything less than complete joy.  With full belief in yourself and who you are you will have the confidence, internal power, and endurance to not only reach your true potential, but constantly exist in that state, and be able to make any dream or goal become an accomplished reality.  No longer would you seek, desire, nor need the approval, acceptance, or love from an outside source.  The only purpose for that is the intention of bringing it internally to repair and patch the obviously missing pieces.  The action itself is a clear and obvious statement something is missing internally.  Your life should not be based on the dependency of others to fill your voids.  You may be happy so long as the source keeps providing, but what happens when that stops? What happens when the fake “self-confidence” supplier goes out of business? That is not life. That is not living.  That’s a crappy attempt at survival.  You need to make the choice to be the change that you deserve.

Why would you choose anything else?

Love for the self is the ultimate source for joy, success, and truth.  Lack of love for the self is the easiest source for pain and misery.