Having moved countries recently and therefore AA fellowship, I was struggling to find someone I connected with. However, last week I found myself sitting next to the same woman for two consecutive meetings and what a blessed coincidence that was. She has nearly 17 years and like me, got sober in her late twenties. Straight away I liked her, felt very comfortable and was able to talk to her with great ease. I was delighted and hugely relieved. Since then she has already been an invaluable help to me, and I wanted to share some of the reassuring things she has written to me.

“What I would say is that I have revisited feeling broken and raw many times in my recovery and bounced back.  In fact it is a right of passage.  It shows growth is happening …. (I know…. f**k growth – who needs it…lol)  Now, I know that will give you no hope at all right now!  And in fact – I’m not saying I love the experience either!!  But, it has given me faith that all will be well in my world…. eventually – that I will be ok, no matter what.  And it’s built my emotional muscles for dealing with my feelings.  Unfortunately because we by-passed a lot of this emotional growth as kids, it comes back with a wallop when we experience it as adults.”

So much hope. So much strength. Just what I needed to hear.